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R2F is a recently established Christian charity based in Ipswich that helps those suffering from addictions,homelessness and other challenges find freedom from the past and discover a route to a better future. We believe that every person has intrinsic value and that 0ffering the right support provides people with the opportunity to choose freedom. We seek to provide an environment of love and care surrounded by an atmosphere of hope and expectation


Our strategy is built around three key components:

  • The outreach team go out onto the streets of Ipswich to make connections with people in need – to meet them where they are.
  • The team build relationships, provide ongoing support and look to help signpost to other support networks
  • who can help – rehab centres, local foodbanks, hostels, etc.
  • The team also help connect those in need to local church communities who can provide loving, stable, caring and accountable relationships and pastoral support. (Attending Alpha Courses is also proving helpful in people’s route to freedom)


Nathan Denniston – working 2 days a week with R2F

I grew up in Kent and spent the first 20+ years of my life surrounded by drugs, alcohol and gang life. I moved to East Anglia to try and get away from that lifestyle. Following the break up of two relationships and not being allowed to see my kids, I ended up alone, in a one bed flat in Suffolk. I was broken. In April 2017 a work colleague invited me to join an Alpha Course. This proved to be a turning point in my life and was the start to my route to freedom. I became a Christian but couldn’t break my alcohol addiction so in Dec 2017, I went into a Christian Rehab centre near Nottingham called Teen Challenge for 11 months. It was there that God broke my addiction, set me free and gave me a vision for starting a charity to reach those who find themselves in a similar place to where I was. The approach of R2F is based upon my experience and my route to freedom.

Liam Rutter – volunteer with R2F

Since becoming a follower of Christ in March 2012, I have always been drawn to the most marginalised in society. In June 2012 I started to work with those who had drug/alcohol problems & homelessness, a ministry within Burlington Baptist Church where I attend. This changed me massively. It involved taking care of personal needs such as supplying them with food, clothes, sorting out things like furniture for when they were housed, lifts & at times picking them up from the police station ready to offer support & care. It has been through journeying with them and meeting on a regular basic that has helped to build trust and enable change to happen.
This is why I love working with R2F because it’s about putting my faith into action and offering long term support and friendship with those struggling in life and helping them find a route to freedom and a better life.

Chris Hewson – trustee and volunteer with R2F

I grew up in a loving family and was baptised and confirmed at a young age; but it was in 1987, following a serious breakdown, that I experienced a powerful meeting with God that totally changed my life.
I joined Burlington Baptist Church in 2010 and became involved in two Missional Communities working to support the homeless and marginalised through friendship, clothing, food parcels and prayer.
I am delighted to be part of Route 2 Freedom and as a trustee I help to be a link between the trustees and the Outreach Team who work on the streets of Ipswich to lead men and women to freedom from addiction through the love of Christ.


There are two key ways you can get involved and support the work of Route2Freedom:

If you would like further information speak to one of the team, you can email us at [email protected]


c/o Hope Church Ipswich,
114 Fore Hamlet, Ipswich,
IP3 8AF.
0800 246 1746

Registered Charity No. - 1190159